While each timeline may vary slightly, you may find using the following list helpful to navigate through your purchase and stay on top of what’s next.


  1. Meet with lender and begin pre-qualification process
  2. Interview REALTORS® (Buyer Consultation)
  3. Hire REALTOR® (Sign Buyer Agency Agreement)
  4. Have lender send pre-qualification letter to REALTOR® of choice
  5. Review & refine property “Wishes, Wants, & Deal-breakers List”
  6. Review daily property emails sent by REALTOR and select favorite properties
  7. Drive by favorite properties to narrow down actual favorites.
  8. Eliminate properties that do not pass the “drive-by test”
  9. Email REALTOR® the addresses of properties that passed the “drive-by test” and request a tour
  10. Tour homes, keeping a “Top 3 Favorites List”
  11. Continue to tour until you find “The One”
  12. Review Market Analysis provided by REALTOR® for neighborhood and similar properties
  13. Consider terms of offer (closing costs, closing date, cosmetic repairs, home warranty, etc.)
  14. Draft offer and sign
  15. Write Earnest Money Check
  16. Respond to all counter-offers with updated pre-qualification letters from lender


  1. Get copy of all executed and signed documents from REALTOR® for your records
  2. Call lender to inform them of your contract (REALTOR® will have likely also sent contract documents to your lender. Verify to be sure.)
  3. Decide which title company/closing attorney you want to use and notify REALTOR®
  4. Choose your inspectors and sign inspection payment agreement      (*All inspectors must be paid whether or not the property is purchased and payment is the responsibility of the buyer*All inspections must be completed AND requests for repairs or concessions must be made by the 10th business day of the executed contract unless otherwise agreed to in writing by both parties.)
  5. Your REALTOR® schedules inspections and reports will be emailed to you and your REALTOR®
  6. Review all inspection reports, paying close attention to items regarding: safety, electrical, plumbing, structural, roof, and heating/AC (HVAC)
  7. Draft repair request list and submit, unless contract is for “As Is” purchase (due by 10th business day)
  8. Review seller’s response to repair request list and sign final document
  9. Notify lender that appraisal may be ordered once repairs are negotiated
  10. Obtain Homeowner’s Insurance for new property.
  11. Make arrangements for move (give projected move date to landlord, reserve moving truck, begin packing)
  12. Verify that drivers licenses for all purchasers are valid and not expired (renew if needed)
  13. Your lender will notify you of appraisal value (if appraisal value is less than contract price, consult your REALTOR®)
  14. Your REALTOR® will schedule pest inspection and review results with you (within 2 weeks of closing date)
  15. Schedule closing date and time with lender, seller, REALTORS®, and closing attorneys
  16. Lender will re-check borrowers’ credit 4 days before closing
  17. Review and sign settlement statement/closing disclosure with lender
  18. Final walk-through of property with REALTOR (day before or day of closing)
  19. Closing Day!