I have lived in Birmingam since 1991.  People often ask what brought me here - the simple answer is STEVE WATKINS!

I am originally from the Great State of Texas but I have lived in Virginia, Nebraska and Jacksonville, FL, which is where I was living when Steve and I married.  I loved all those places (even the COLD winters in Omaha were beautiful) but none compares to Birmingham.  I can't imagine being anywhere else.

Unlike a lot of my fellow agents who started real estate as a second career, I have ALWAYS been in real estate!  Or at least since age 22, which is pretty much FOREVER!  I have worked for very small and very large real estate brokerages, and I have seen LOTS of changes in the market thru the years.  I have seen the ups and downs in the economy and the housing market, and even a couple of recessions, which were no fun!

Being tenacious and willing to go the extra mile has been a great asset to my business.  I try to anticipate the issues BEFORE they arise (because not all transactions go smoothly!) and problem solve in a way that is a win-win for all involved.  Real estate deals are FULL of emotion and you learn a lot about people and their families and their needs - so being a good listener and counselor is part of the deal.

One of my FAVORITE things to do is introduce new people to our area.  I often help local companies including UAB "recruit" new employees.  I have spent many hours in the car doing "tours" - showing hem the sights, answering their questions about schools & the community, and frankly, talking with them about concerns that they don't feel comfortable discussing with their prospective employers.  Sure, you can look online and get lots of information, but there is nothing like a friendly face giving you the benefit of "local knowledge".  Note:  Don't EVER believe what google says about commute time in Birmingham!

On a personal note...

Now for a little bit about my family!  My husband Steve is in the mortgage business with Iberia Bank.  My children (Doug, Jamie and Ken) all live out of state (two in Virginia and one in North Carolina!).  They attended Auburn University and The University of Alabama (yes, we are a house divided).  Our baby Brit is a 4 year old yellow lab rescue that absolutely RULES THE ROOST!

We live in Vestavia (Steve grew up there around the corner from where we now live!) and we love the convenience of our home, although it is nothing exciting.  Just a very ordinary 50's rancher with a BIG YARD!  A typical weekend at home always involves real estate, with a dose of football in the fall, and golf all year long!